Delaware County Elected Officials

The government structure of Delaware County consists of a five-member elected council. Under the State Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law of 1972 local governments were permitted to make changes to their respective governments. After review, Delaware County residents approved a Home Rule Charter in 1975 that took effect in 1976.

Delaware County was the first in the state of Pennsylvania to become a Home Rule County, until then having been governed by a three-member board of commissioners.

County Council is involved in activities pertaining to economic development, public transportation, waste disposal, human services, land use and culture. The Council also decides the best means of providing services which are required by law or are necessary for the well being of the county, and determines the participation of the County in intergovernmental programs involving federal, state, and local government as well as distribute federal and state grants for social services.

Current Elected Officials

State House

Representative Stephen Barrar  Link  
Representative Alex Charlton  Link  
Representative Margo Davidson  Link  
Representative Maria Donatucci  Link  
Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky  Link  
Representative Brian Joseph Kirkland  Link  
Representative Nicholas Miccarelli  Link  
Representative Jamie Santora  Link  
Representative Greg Vitali  Link  
Representative Ronald Waters  Link  

State Senate

Senator Tom McGarrigle  Link  
Senator Tom Killion  Link  
Senator Daylin Leach  Link  
Senator Anthony Williams  Link  

US House

Congressman Bob Brady  Link  
Congressman Dwight Evans  Link  
Congressman Pat Meehan  Link  

US Senate

Senator Robert Casey  Link  
Senator Patrick Toomey  Link  

State Governor

Governor Tom Wolf  Link  
Lt. Governor Mike Stack  Link  

County Council

Councilman, Chairman John P. McBlain    
Councilman, Vice Chairman Colleen P. Morrone    
Councilman Michael Culp    
Councilman kevin M. Madden    
Councilman Brian P. Zidek    
Executive Director Marianne Grace    

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